I absolutely loved working with Al, and have recommended him many times since. Al was the first professional decorator I worked with, as I had previously been anxious that a decorator would come and and want to toss out everything I had, and start over. That is not Al’s approach at all – he understood what the scope of the job was, listened to what I was hoping to achieve, and made recommendations that went wonderfully beyond what I could have envisioned, from the colors, layout and textures used. I finally understand what a different “touch” a decorator has, and the difference it makes to the look of a home. I’ve now used Al on 2-3 different projects of varying sizes, and he never disappoints. What I really appreciate is how willing he is to work with me regardless of how big or small the need is. Al understands that decorating a home, or touching up a home, can be a process done over time, and not something that has to be done all at once. I plan to use Al again and again.

Project Date: October 2010
Project Price: $1,000 – $9,999

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