Having worked with other designers in the past Al brought to the table a long list of qualities that we were never able to find in others. Others may have had one or two of these qualities, but Al scored 100% on all 6 of them.

1. You will never meet a nicer, warmer human being. He has a personality that you will be very comfortable with, from the very first day.

2. He was more interested in what we wanted, how we lived our lives, than in turning our house into his own. He was never shy about voicing his opinion when he thought we were going down the wrong path, but he was always very respectful of what made us comfortable.

3. Al has no shortage of ideas. When doing a complete start over in our great room, he was receptive and patient until we were comfortable with the end product. He did not get annoyed or frustrated if his initial ideas were not chosen, but continued until we were all satisfied with the choices.

4. Al has a very high shopping energy level. Going from store to store was something you can see he truly enjoys.

5. Al returns phone calls and emails immediately.

6. Al has a respect for his client’s budget. He actually came in under budget. He never made us feel uncomfortable about the amount of money we could spend. The fact that his fee structure was reasonable was the icing on the cake.

You may find others who have a few of these exceptional qualities, but you would be hard-pressed to find someone with all 6. That’s Al.

Project Date: April 2014
Project Price: $10,000 – $49,999

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